Probably car is one of the things besides your home and office where you and your family spend a lot of time. Especially when you are commuting regularly in your car, you spend a considerable amount of time inside. Hence, it makes it important to have upholstered materials which not only provide you comfort but are also easy to clean and maintain. Some of the popular ones include:

  1. Nylon: These fabrics are commonly used and are very durable in nature. They are also very porous in nature which is why it is advised to vacuum them regularly. Further use sponge dipped in clean water to rub against the covers and offer it a clean appearance.
  2. Polyester: Another commonly used material is the polyester. These are made from microsuede and are pretty soft in nature. They resemble leather finish and are available in a range of colors. In order to clean them it is advised to use wrung out damp clothes along with a cleaning agent. A low-PH like baby soap can be effectively used as well.
  3. Vinyl: It is unlike the normal fabrics and can easily be wiped by using a damp towel. They are non-porous and waterproof. It can be cleaned easily by using a cleaner and cleaning agents.
  4. Faux Leather: This is among the most popular ones and are a bit expensive from the lot. They are waterproof and one needs to give minimal efforts for wipe cleaning. One can use a feather duster for taking away the dust and dirt that set on the surface. Following that with a vacuum cleaning is all that is needed.

It is always recommended to get the perfect fitting covers one contacts a professional agency who have the qualified and experienced stitchers.