It is often seen that during the winter people face troubles with their car engines. Sometimes they fail to start and sometimes battery of the car does not respond. It could be a nightmare if one is in a middle of his journey and this issue crops up. However, when people regularly maintain their cars and abide by the following tips, the issue should not crop up:

  1. Make it a policy to regularly check-up your battery: This is the thing that stops responding on most occasions. Hence, in cold temperatures the aspect of reduced power is something that needs to be addressed. A regular checkup of the battery with proper servicing is mandatory to ensure it remains in the peak of its health and never disappoints.
  2. Replace the wipers: If you are in an area which witnesses a lot of snowfall during winters, you will have to replace the wipers more than often. In such conditions, even the best of the best wiper blades stop performing as expected in as low as 6 months. So it will be a good idea to get the wiper blades replaced as soon as the winters arrive.
  3. Keep the windows clean: In case you have a car in which you find it difficult to look outside the window, then you are risking your live as well as the life of people walking outside. Thus it would be a better idea to use ice scrappers instead of the wiper blades for removing the ice on the windshield.
  4. Check the Oils: In cold weather the engine might fall dead due to the motor oil getting thick. This eventually makes it a lot more difficult for starting the engine and hence needs servicing before it would get back to normal. Hence, to avoid such a scenario it would be advised to check the manufacturer’s recommendation for oil checkup. Usually usage of multi-viscosity oil which has “W” as the viscosity index is recommended. Proper checkup and oiling is a must before winters are about to start and a short checkup in the middle of the winter months.